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Satirical Cartoons of Various NFL Matchups


A buddy of mine sent me a link to a series of drawings on IMGUR. While I am unable to find any information on the artist(s), I love the concept here. Below are a few of my favorite, as I have been a life-long Dolphins fan, I’ll start with them.

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Have a favorite or would like to suggest any other matchups you would like to see, feel free to leave a comment below.

[images via IMGUR]







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Minimalist posters of comic book characters

It seems like superheroes are going through a second (or third) mutation lately with their resurgence in Hollywood, and I like it. As someone who spent their youth imagining what the characters on the pages of the comic books I read would look like on the big screen, those visualizations are now becoming a reality.

In a recent post on the blog SpeckyBoy, they published a series of minimalist posters featuring some of the most recognizable comic book characters from both DC and Marvel. As the list is quite extensive, I have included my favorites below, full disclosure, I am partial to Marvel.

See the full collection.

Ok, one DC character.

Permalink to Awesome Comic-Related Pop Culture Crossovers, as made by Fans

Awesome Comic-Related Pop Culture Crossovers, as made by Fans

The latest grouping of comic-related mashups is here. The TMNT/X-Men mashup is by far my favorite. The Community/Street Fighter mashup definitely takes the cake for the most original, I would say the Avengers/Adventure Time image takes home the award for most random mashup as well.

What comic book/pop culture mashup would you like to see?

X-Men Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles mashup

Community meets Street Fighter

Batman Jay-Z mashup

Avengers meets Adventure Time mashup

[images via Buzzfeed]

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X-Men get a Picasso Makeover

X-Men, Guernica, Picasso Makeover

Hopefully you saw my post earlier this week that re-imagined the Muppets as X-Men characters. Well when it rains, it pours. I give you this wonderful drawing of the X-Men in the guise of Picasso’s timeless work “Guernica” courtesy of Theamat.

Source: Deviant Art

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The Muppets take on a new life as X-Men

You know how much I love mashups, especially when it involves comic book characters. So you know I had to post these awesome drawings by Ken Haeser of X-Muppets. I would actually love to see a cartoon series with these characters, perhaps they could battle the Brotherhood of Evil Sesame Street Characters, or a legion of Fraggle Rock Sentinals.
X-Men, Muppets, Animal as Wolverine
X-Men, Muppets, Kermit as Cyclops
X-Men, Muppets, Beeker as Magneto
X-Men, Muppets, Gonzo as Nightcrawler
X-Men, Muppets, Miss Piggy as the Phoenix, Jean Grey
X-Men, Muppets, Fozzy Bear as Beast
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